Aluminum Strip Casting for Thin aluminum Foil Production

go to site The introduction of continuous casting of thin aluminum strip based on AA 1050 and AA 8011 causes a fundamental change in the microstructure and therefore physical and chemical properties of the material when compared to conventional working of DC or semi-continuous cast slabs.

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what are the advantages of 8011 aluminum strip made of aluminum cap?

Metal package as an important part of modern packing industry, and 8011 aluminum strip made of aluminum cap adopt safe and hygiene,poisonless and tasteless good materials to filling food,drink and so on industry, meanwhile use convenience, easy to transport and recycling, non-pollution environment, so have attained more and more consumers’ love.

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aluminum strip for transformer winding

aluminum strip for transformer winding -Transformer aluminum strip according to the use of different grades, specifications, status. Brands are: 1060, 1050, 1050A, 1060, 1070, 1070A, 1350, state: O state. O represents the soft state, can be used to indicate the number of hard and soft, and the degree of annealing. Thickness between 0.08-3.00, known as: aluminum foil, foil for dry transformer.

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The Difference between the aluminum strip Ceiling and aluminum PVC strip

aluminum PVC strip and aluminum strip Ceiling profile if damaged update is very convenient, as long as the end of the first block is removed, the plate-by-block extracted from the press, by replacing the damaged board with a new board, and then reinstall the pressure is good layering.

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Effect of AL-Mg-Si Aluminum Alloy 6063 strip

6063 Aluminum strip is AL-Mg-Si system with moderate strength alloy. It can be heat strengthened, industrial aluminum profile summary Mg and Si is the main alloying elements, and the main work is to determine the chemical composition of the preferred percentage of Mg and Si. 6063 is the main element in the preparation of Mg-Si alloy, the content of each element has a certain range, and the price of magnesium is high.

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8011 Aluminium strip for tagger lids

8011 Aluminium strip, when used in combination with other materials, is ideal for making Aluminium cans. Every year, more than 700 million cans are sealed using Aluminium foil from Haomei

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China’s foundry technology has great significance and influence on 7075 aluminum alloy strip

7075 aluminum alloy strip is not only applied in daily life but start to be applied in transpiration area with the development of technology, such as aerospace structural materials, and now it also enter into the field of auto development. Aluminum strip technology development become the trend of the times.

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