Introduction of 1050 Aluminum plate

1050 aluminum plate belongs to pure aluminum sheet, and its chemical elements and properties are similar to 1060 aluminum plate, so sometimes, 1050 aluminum platecan be replaced by 1060 aluminum plate. 1050 aluminum platecontents 0.05% of Mg, 0.05% of Zn, 0.05% of Mn, 0.03% of Ti, 0.05% of V, 0.4% of Fe, 0.03% of others each, and the balance is aluminum. According to international rules, the aluminum content of 1050 aluminum plate must reach to 99.5%, For its simple processing technology, 1050 aluminum plateis much cheaper comparing to other aluminum alloys plate and it is very commonly used in industry.

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Advantage of haomei hot rolling aluminum plate

Hot rolling aluminum plate refers to those whose thickness is more than 4.5mm and widely used in industrial applications, tank car aluminum cans with aluminum plate, aluminum plate, grinding tool with aluminum, a container with aluminum plate, pressure vessel, automotive, construction machinery with aluminum, etc.

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Electronic Aluminum Foil strip Has a Bright Future

In recent years, electronic aluminum foil strip industry develops pretty fast in domestic. Here are some reasons. Traditional industries, such as household appliance, are making stable profits every year. Thus, the demand for capacitor is larger and larger. Manufacture bases of capacitor industry in Korean, Japan, Taiwan are accelerating their paces to move bases to Mainland, China. Meanwhile, the production of electronic capacitor is increasing rising. All these can promote the development of electronic aluminum foil strip .

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aluminum strip home depot from China Manufacturer

Specifications of aluminum strip home depot from China Manufacturer :

Grade: 1000 series 1050 1060 1070 1100 1200

Temper: any temper

Type: coil/roll

Thicknesses: 0.2-4mm

Widths: 10-1500mm

Length: According to your requirement

Alloy or not: non- alloy

Place of origin: Henan China (Mainland)

Surface: mill finish, nature

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Why select haomei aluminium foil strip for transformer winding

haomei aluminum is professional aluminu foil strip for transformers winding, our grades are : 1060,1070, 1350, Temper O, said soft state . Thickness between 0.2-3.0mm. Signi aluminum strip, aluminum foil for dry- type transformers, using high purity aluminum ingot , with high conductivity , soft features , smooth surface , no glitches, is an ideal material for the production of dry-type transformers ,is the key raw materials for transformer winding manufacturing, our aluminum foil strip have good performance on foil conductivity, the burr curling, scoliosis, surface quality and many other technical indicators.

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6063 aluminium plate has the following advantages

The most commonly used on the foreign vehicles, extrusion performance and comprehensive performance better, 6063 aluminium plate belongs to the Al-Mg alloy, is the most widely used a rust-proof aluminium, the use of a wide range of alloys, is the most promising alloy ,6063 Aluminium plate is a medium strength alloy that is one of the most popular alloys in the 6000 series. It is most widely known as an architectural alloy. This grade of Aluminium plate is most commonly used in intricate extrusions.

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How to store transformer aluminium strip

Users need to store a few days after purchase transformer aluminium strip,and commerce sales will be store much longer time,during this period time how to reasonable store transformer aluminium strip and avoid deposit problem caused by the unreaonable? Today is for everybody to tell the transformer aluminium strip ‘s storage considerations.

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Applications of 3104 Aluminum strip

The density of 3104 aluminum strip is 2.73g, and Mn of 0.9% – 1.5% is the main content in 3104 aluminum strip . Other elements of 3104 aluminum strip includes o.5% of Si, 0.7% of Fe, 0.1% of Cu, 0.3% of Mg, 0.1% of Cr, 0.15% of other total, and the balance is Al. The max tensile strength is 275 MPa, and the max elongation of 3104 aluminum strip is 20%.we can provide 3104 aluminum strip with tempers of H14, H16, H18, H38, H111 and others. The thickness is from 0.01mm-600mm and max length of 16,000mm. So our products can satisfy different demands from customers.

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5083 aluminum plate to become the main stream market demand

For the demand of ship building materials , many previous ship are made of the steel plate, the current situation of 5083 aluminium plate for ship instead of the main products of steel ship plate, 5083 aluminum plate has light weight, corrosion resistance, long life and other characteristics, so 5083 aluminum plate is the world ship manufacturing enterprises to focus on the promotion of new products.

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