What is anodized aluminium coil

http://www.industries3r.com/albiol/9274 Anodized aluminium coil available in a wide array of surface colors and finishes, anodized aluminum allows the natural beauty of the metal to shine through – protected, but not masked by layers that can fade, chip, flake, or peel. It’s an excellent option for a wide range of parts and components; and in many applications, a UV-resistant anodized formulation can bring that beauty to many surfaces exposed to elements, 

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How much do you know about the aluminum tread plate?

Top option trading hours valley tesco aluminum tread plate is a very common material that we can see it almost everywhere. As a new type of skid-proof material, it has been recognized and trusted by the vast number of industries and customers. The reason why the aluminum tread plate is recognized by people is inseparable with its own advantages.

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Where can I buy aluminum strips/aluminum tape?

Haomei aluminium strip – We are specialize in aluminium strips producing (thin Aluminium coil),we can directly process any types of aluminium strip,aluminium sheet and aluminium coil. These Aluminium strips are widely known for its durability and quality. These Aluminium strips are available at industrial leading price. They are widly used in calbe wrapping, aluminium plastic composite pipe, electrical transformer, radiators, flexible pipe, venetian blinds, lamp cap, making closures etc.

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What is the 5083 aluminum sheet?

The inevitable one that come into my mind when it comes to why 5083 aluminum plate are the most promising aluminum sheets is the extend market demands. Realize it or not, 5083 aluminum plate are widely used in aerospace, transportation, electrics and so on. For example, you can see the shadow of 5083 aluminum plate in aircraft fuel tank, cars, boats and so on. And as far as the auto aluminum field is concerned, 5083 aluminum plate have a broad market prospect.

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Notes in the production process of aluminum circle

With the widespread use of aluminum products, aluminum circle product can be seen in many aspects of our lives. Many companies began to produce aluminum discs, so as to meet the needs of the market. If a manufacturer want to standing out of the market, the quality of aluminum circle is the first considered key problem. Only qualified products can track customers and won high reputation, and takes success of the career. While processing the aluminum circle, there are some notes should be considered, with years manufacture experience, Haomei aluminum summarize the notes, now we will share them to you.

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What are the surface treatment processes of aluminum mirror sheet

Mirror aluminum sheet made by the rolling, grinding and other methods to deal with the surface of the plate to show the mirror effect. Generally in the aluminum mirror sheet used rolling method to manufacture the coil material and sheet metal. Mirror appearance performance and ductility are the specular highlights and characteristics of the application. Only with high-quality mirror performance, the aluminum mirror sheet can meet the using standard of ordinary interior decoration, electronic consumer goods production and a variety of consumer packaging. What are the surface treatment processes for mirror aluminum sheet?

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6082 aluminum sheet for sale with factory price

6082 aluminum sheet belongs to the 6000 series Al-Mg-Si alloy sheet, it able to strengthen by heat treatment. 6082 aluminum sheet has a medium strength, a good welding performance and corrosion resistance, is widely used in transportation and structural engineering industry, such as the bridges, cranes, roof structures, transport aircraft, ships and so on.

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The surface treatment of pinch aluminum plate

Film covering technique is to agglutinate the high light film or symphony film on aluminum pinch plate surface by professional adhesives. The aluminum pinch plate that covered with the high light film or symphony film has a bright luster, with various color, it is water-proof and fire-proof, has a good performance in weatherability and anti-ultraviolet.

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