What kind of aluminum plate is suitable for making aluminum sheet wire drawing?

http://hongrie-gourmande.com/frensis/1058 In recent years, more and more metal shells of aluminum products have been made of metal wire drawing technology to enhance the beauty and resist erosion. Make products both fashionable and technological. This is one of the reasons why the technology is so popular. Aluminum sheet wire drawing is the process of repeatedly using sandpaper to scrape the aluminum plate out of line. The main process of the aluminum sheet is deester, sand mill and water wash.

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Maintenance and storage of aluminium tread plate

Aluminum tread plate has a wide range of applications, also has its own advantages on the performance. So it is more and more popular on industrial use and we also can see it everywhere on daily life, such as rail-way station, elevator, train and so on. At the same time, aluminium tread plate is metal material, has special metal properties, also need to use scientific methods for maintenance in the daily use. Let us talk about the usual maintenance of pattern aluminum in details.

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How to maintain the aluminum profile for curtain wall

Aluminum profile for curtain wall is with characteristics of high strength, light weight, strong corrosion resistance, novel structure, easy assembly, timber savings and durable. But if the maintenance, installation and maintenance is unreasonable, all these will affect the appearance, the surface and the color of aluminum profile. Therefore, there should be proper maintenance methods. Let us talk about it!

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Aluminum plate manufacturers talk about the reason of the aluminum plate

With the continuous development of China’s economy, the demand for aluminum plate is increasing. But the quality of aluminum plate is also has certain defects, production experience, production of  aluminum plate aluminum plate tend to have the phenomenon of brittle, so this is what causes, below small make up to tell you something about the causes, and how to change this phenomenon

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Good methods to choose non-slip aluminum plate

There are many non-slip aluminum plate products and manufacturers in the markets. So many customers don’t know how to choose the proper products for them. So in this article, I am going to tell you the good methods to chose non-slip aluminum plate that suits you.

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How to choose suitable aluminum checker plate?

Aluminum checker plate manufacturer-haomei Aluminum gives you a brief introduction of aluminum checker plate. Aluminum checker plate has many different types. Different types of aluminum checker plates in some characteristics have different performance because of different types of substrates. And because of the different characteristics, they have different applications. So we should pay attention to the following factors when choosing the material:

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