3104 aluminum alloy plate is suitable for high-quality cans tank

As we know, most cans tank is made of aluminum alloys plate in the market, of which 3104 aluminum alloy plate is the most commonly applied. According to the survey, 3104 aluminum plate is one of the most quantities aluminum plates . 3104 aluminum cans tanks used in a foreign country is comparatively mature product system, the current domestic demand is growing fast, as the economy level of ascension, the diversity of national consumption growth, demand for cans packaging of goods is also more and more. 3104 cans of tank with aluminum market is a very big potential, is also the direction of the aluminum processing enterprises.

3104 aluminum alloy plate
3104 aluminum alloy plate

Why is 3104 aluminum alloy plate so popular? The source of main reason lies in two aspects: one is stable performance, which will not have reaction with the food; the other lies in its light material, which make the package quality much more light to save the transportation cost.

With the upgrading of production technology, the 3104 cans with aluminum surface performance requirements are also increasing, for the 3104 cans tank processing technology, haomei aluminium  invested heavily in research and development to upgrade.

haoemi aluminum is the top aluminum manufacture of 3104 aluminum cans tanks, welcome costomers to inquire and make inspection.

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