5754 aluminum plate for new energy automotive

With the national policy guidance, as well as the green development of environmental requirements, the state of the new energy automotive industry has a more clear decade of development planning. By 2025, independent new energy car share to reach 80%, all new energy vehicles to reach the total car 1/5. Policy of this guide, means that the potential of domestic new energy vehicles unlimited, but also to the domestic 5754 automotive aluminum plate processing enterprises have brought great opportunities for development.

Aluminum Sheet in Automotive Field

From the current point of view, the new energy vehicles will usher in a full-blown high-speed growth period. New energy vehicles, batteries, body parts, parts, etc., will give the car with aluminum alloy plate market set off a new wave.

On the whole, the new energy to bring 5754 aluminum plate processing enterprises have two main opportunities. First, the level of aluminum to improve the body aluminum, fuel tank aluminum and other major parts of the body should use aluminum products, which will be the majority of domestic aluminum processing enterprises to bring important development opportunities. Improve the aluminum car with the strength of enterprises, aluminum plate processing enterprises to seize this opportunity an important prerequisite. Second, the core part of the new energy vehicles Power battery, power battery is the most important protection of vehicle operation, and power battery inside the aluminum foil and power batteries used 3003 aluminum plate, aluminum processing enterprises are to seize the new energy market, a major opportunity.

The development of new energy vehicles for aluminum plate processing enterprises to bring a series of good news. Who can innovation and development, leading the trend, who will be able to compete in the fierce market in an invincible position. haomei Aluminum industry to optimize the upgrade, through the “weapons and equipment quality management system certification” and “SGS automotive aluminum certification”, product quality assurance.

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