A brief introduction of aluminum alloy plate for automotive lightweight

The automotive industry is booming at the same time, due to the needs of environmental protection and energy saving, automotive lightweight has become the world’s automobile development trend. According to the relevant departments to calculate, in 2020 the demand for automotive aluminum plate is about 5.3 million -5.9 million tons, lightweight aluminum market prospects can be expected. The implementation of automotive lightweight aluminum alloy material will play its natural advantages, mainly used to transform and replace the body material. The weight of the car can be divided into three categories: the weight of the vehicle, the weight of the engine, the weight of the chassis, and the weight of the heat exchange system. The purpose is to reduce the weight of the vehicle by using lighter materials under the premise of ensuring the performance. Aluminum alloy in the automotive lightweight has the natural advantages – fuel, emission reduction, safety, enhance performance.

A brief introduction of aluminum alloy plate for automotive lightweight
A brief introduction of aluminum alloy plate for automotive lightweight

1 weight loss and energy saving effect is obvious

Aluminum has good mechanical properties, its density is only 1/3 of steel, with good thermal conductivity, mechanical processing performance than iron 4.5 times, so aluminum can achieve the ideal vehicle lightweight preferred material. Aluminum alloy can reduce the weight of the vehicle 10%, the car weight loss of 100 kg, 100 km fuel consumption can be reduced by 0.4 liters, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 1 kg, fuel efficiency increased by 6% -8%;

2 Corrosion resistance

Aluminum has good corrosion resistance, the surface of the natural formation of the oxide film has a good corrosion resistance, so “aluminum body” in the use of durability than traditional steel body superior.

3 Improve comfort and safety

Aluminum alloy car does not reduce the car capacity in the case of reducing the car weight, body center of gravity reduced, the car driving more stable and comfortable. Because of the good energy absorption of aluminum, there is a clear advantage in the safety of the collision, the deformation of the front of the car in the collision will produce wrinkles, can absorb a lot of impact, thus protecting the rear of the driver and passengers.

4 aluminum easy to absorb

In the aluminum – aluminum products – the use of – recycling of recycled aluminum ingots – and then processed into aluminum during the cycle, the loss of aluminum is only about 5%, its regeneration performance than any one of the commonly used metals are high.

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