Aluminum alloy for light-pole

Cement, cast iron, steel, fiber glass reinforced plastics, etc. are the material for light-pole. The light-pole that made of cement has a low cost, and it no need to processed by surface treatment. However, cement light-pole is very heavy, a high transportation costs, expensive installation equipment and high risk are the weak side. At present, most of the light-pole is made of cast iron, this kind of light-pole has a low cost and a high intensity. However, cost iron light-pole will occurs severe corrosion during use, so it must be maintained regularly, and brings a high maintenance costs.

aluminum alloy tripod
aluminum alloy tripod

Aluminum products has a small density of 2700/m³, it is only 1/3 of the steel and cast iron, its lightweight is convenient for transport and installation, so that to reduce the construction costs and improve installation safety. Most of steel has low temperature brittleness, its intensity rises as the temperature decrease, but its plasticity also dropped significantly, may break at cool winter. On the contrary, aluminum has a good handling characteristics and cryogenic property, it can used at any temperature from North Pole to South Pole, without a low temperature brittleness. The plasticity and intensity of aluminum will increase as the temperature decrease. The aluminum light-pole can be recycled, is very friendly for our environment.


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