Aluminum Caps Are Your Strengths

1, aluminium cover made of high quality aluminum production, special health, will not rust, easy to open, without auxiliary tools which, when turned on, CAP has a destructive, which can prevent stolen away.


aluminum sheet for bottle caps
2, aluminum caps with good cushioning, shock resistance, the advantages of heat insulation, moisture-proof, corrosion resistant, nontoxic and does not absorb water, dust and peeling off, and high sealing performance is very good.
3, aluminum cover can be made according to customer requirements of stainless steel high temperature resistance, resistance to boiling, alcohol resistance, design color print, Braille, milling can be used.
4, aluminum cover pad with special Epoxy materials and advanced production technology, after the bottle has an excellent airtight, cover surface with a bigger plane, print text symbol, Cap more aesthetically pleasing, making your product more valuable.


HAOMEI ALUMINUM is a professional aluminum sheet and strip manufacturer in China. To meet diversified and needs of our clients, we also provide hot-rolled and cold rolled aluminum sheet, including aluminium panels, coil, color-coated sheets and strips for the usage of producing aluminium caps. With good drawing perfomace, bare possibility of earing and corrosion, the aluminum sheet/ coil/ strip that we produce is the ideal material for Pilfer Proof caps, pharmaceutical caps. With years of experience in the aluminum industry and exportation field, we now have established good business relationship with many countries such as Italy, Spain, Mexico, Thailand, Bangladesh, Philippines, Iran, Nigeria and more. With high quality and reasonable price, our products have been more and more popular in the International market.

Haomei supplies aluminum sheet and coils for the manufacture of bottle closures. Applications range from screw caps for whiskey and other beverage bottles to aluminum closures for wine bottles. ROPP cap material can be ordered as rolled, degreased, pre-lubed, pre-treated and / or lacquered

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