Aluminum sheet for carport

The aluminum carport is made of aluminum sheet, and its surface processed by electrostatic powder coated. Compared to plastic carport or other types of carports, aluminum carport has more advantages.

Aluminum alloy wheel hub
Aluminum alloy wheel hub

1. Anti-aging
The main structure of carport is made of the aluminum alloy material with a high quality and high strength, has a strong anti-aging performance, and will never get rusty. The special technology on surface is greatly extend the service life and reduce the decomposition from UV light, a service life of carport is more than 30 years.

2. Insulated and dustproof
Aluminum carport are able to block more than 90% of ultraviolet rays and block the thermal energy effectively, as well as block the industrial dust, defoliation and guano. With the main pillar made of galvanized steel, the aluminum carport can load almost 48cm of snow, and can resist 52m/s of strong wind.

Aluminum carport can automatically clean the dust by light and rain, it keep the top clean and anti-scaling, reduce the rusting of car metal parts because of acid rain and the scale of plum rain. If the top is covered with dust, it will be brand new in the next rain .

4. Stylish design
The structure of aluminum carport is more reasonable, has a unique shape and stylish design, besides, there are a variety of colors for customers to choose.

Aluminum carport use the professional design of noise reduction, it is a good choice for parking lot and waiting hall, it will reducing the impact of noise for the people around.


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