Application of color aluminum sheet in construction industry

At present, in the construction industry, more and more applications of color aluminum sheet in roof and mobile foam board, most people have heard of color aluminum tiles and asbestos tile, tile color is actually color aluminum sheet after surface treatment, pressure type, as roofing material as everyone knows. According to the needs of different customers, you can choose the appropriate color of the high strength of the aluminum sheet. Color aluminum sheet is a metal material, and the probation period is long. By contrast, after used for a long time, color steel tile almost had no recycling value, and through promoting the development and market of color aluminum tile color made of aluminum has received the favor of the market.
colored aluminum sheets
The color aluminum sheet, aluminum surface after processing is painted, is made of color coated aluminum coil, the width according to the design drawings, cut into different width after slicing. Colo aluminum sheet, after different die stamping and bending, is made of a variety of flowers. Aluminum buckle in our usual family is used inside the kitchen and bathroom roof, anti oil moisture proof processing, some use in the office building decoration is very beautiful. The time is long and easy to clean. The color aluminum sheet material is light, the service life is long, and also has the recycling value.
The processing technology of color aluminum buckle and color aluminum tile is the same, but the use is different. Aluminum buckle used indoors, and the color of color is made of aluminum aluminum tile used in outdoor, because the sun and wind and rain outside, in the choice of the material to be higher than the material strength of aluminum sheet, resistance corrosion resistance to high color aluminum tile is painted in the future in accordance with the roof design of different paint press forming different shapes. The color of aluminum material corporate corrosion resistance is high, service life than the color of long time, high recovery value. Therefore, the south of the rainy season in the South than the north, the south of the use of color aluminum sheet than the general north, the use is relatively large.


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