Cautions for Aluminum Tread Plate Transportation Few customers transport aluminum tread plate by themselves any more. Fast development of global logistic network and payment ways enables sellers and buyers do business even without seeing each other. Transport companies can deliver goods of all sizes and kinds from small needles to huge machines and from fresh

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Maintenance and storage of aluminium tread plate Aluminum tread plate has a wide range of applications, also has its own advantages on the performance. So it is more and more popular on industrial use and we also can see it everywhere on daily life, such as rail-way station, elevator, train and so on. At the same time, aluminium tread plate is metal material, has special metal properties, also need to use scientific methods for maintenance in the daily use. Let us talk about the usual maintenance of pattern aluminum in details.

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How to choose suitable aluminum checker plate?

Aluminum checker plate manufacturer-haomei Aluminum gives you a brief introduction of aluminum checker plate. Aluminum checker plate has many different types. Different types of aluminum checker plates in some characteristics have different performance because of different types of substrates. And because of the different characteristics, they have different applications. So we should pay attention to the following factors when choosing the material:

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How much do you know about the aluminum tread plate?

aluminum tread plate is a very common material that we can see it almost everywhere. As a new type of skid-proof material, it has been recognized and trusted by the vast number of industries and customers. The reason why the aluminum tread plate is recognized by people is inseparable with its own advantages.

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The Protection of Aluminum Tread Plate

Realize it or not, in recent years, tread plates in industrial production are becoming more and more popular, and a lot of aluminum tread plates are being used not only in the field of construction but also in the industrial production. Thus an increasing number of tread plates has come into being in the market, so much more importance is focused on the protection of tread plates. As the leading manufacturer in China, Haomei aluminium  will teach you how to protect tread plates professionally from all aspects. Broadly speaking, there are more than one way to protect tread plates effectively, Here are some advises to you if you have difficulty about the protection of tread plates .

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Different types and characteristics of aluminum checkered plate

aluminium checkered plate, which has good quality, non-slip performance and anti-rust performance.

1060 aluminum alloy tread plate used for cold storage, flooring, packaging, 5052 and 5083 al-mn alloy plate has high hardness, and more used in ships. 3003 aluminum-magnesium alloy plate checkered plates are used for truck models, cold storage floor

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How to choose good material for ship

China’s marine transport has reached a certain scale. In addition to the rapid economic development, the shipbuilding industry is also advancing by leaps and bounds. The ship is accompanied by moisture and rain, easily leading to corrosion and damage, and the ocean salt easily leads to premature corrosion of the ship base. Today, reducing the quality of the ship structure is also a crucial part. 3000 series of aluminum alloy can be used as a series of marine alloy aluminum.

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High-quality 1060 series aluminum plate for bus

Britain has appeared, in the 19th century, the city public transport, which is the first horse-style public carriage, and has a history of 160 years. And today, the bus has become commonplace, and brings great convenience for people. The development of the bus body is also constantly improving, and the use of alloy material is many, of which 1060 aluminum checker plate can be used to make the bus body.

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Which factors influence aluminum tread plate quality in coloring

Aluminum tread plate is also difficult to weld than stainless steel, because aluminum is a vivid metal, the best still want other ways to do other materials to do, communication pulse argon arc welding machine. Welding aluminum can only be large power. Gas welding and welding arc welding different methods have different quotes, have to be subdivided.

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What are the pattern types of aluminum tread plate?

Aluminum tread plate, also known as unti-slip aluminum plate, is becoming more and more popular in our lives. It has many kinds according to its patterns, and in this article, I would like to introduce its types to you.

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