Color aluminium door window is good?

Color aluminium door window is good? Attention to the choice of colored aluminum doors and Windows!
As the fervent of Chinese real estate market, product of all sorts of new-style building materials appears ceaselessly, door window of door of door of window of color aluminium alloy is door of window of chromatic aluminium alloy, its main material pledges is aluminium alloy, have installation convenient, color choice is much wait for a characteristic, replace common door window gradually. As ordinary consumers, in the purchase of colored aluminum doors and Windows need to pay attention to what is the question of many friends. Next and “future home installs a net” one to see color aluminium door window good? Attention to the choice of colored aluminum doors and Windows!
Colored aluminum doors and Windows
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The characteristics,

The color of door window of color aluminium has a lot of, color electrophoresis craft has cream white, blue, red to wait. Electrostatic powder spraying treatment process is white, black, yellow, green, gray, red, etc., color selection range is wider.

Scope of use

The sliding door of the home, fold door, mural ark door, partition, smooth open a window to wait to be able to use color aluminium kind door window.

Third, the choose and buy

Window material of color aluminium door has: aluminous profile, glass, hardware, the aluminous profile that high grade color aluminium window USES thickness, intensity and oxide film should accord with national standard, wall thickness should not be less than 1.2mm, oxide film thickness should achieve 10 micron.

The technical content of colored aluminum doors and Windows is not high, mainly for manual installation, the processing of colored aluminum Windows should be fine, tangent should be smooth, consistent, can not appear more obvious gap.

Check the appearance of colored aluminum doors and Windows as well as the decorative patterns of glass. Pay attention to the composite membrane on the surface of colored aluminum Windows. The composite membrane has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high gloss and certain fireproofing functions.

The strength of aluminum profile should be able to withstand high pressure; Whether the interior fan of door window and exterior frame structure are tight, whether the window of the balcony without frame is tight airtight; Whether color aluminum doors and Windows will water, leakage; The insulating effect of insulating glass and other special air-tight bars; Opening and closing force of doors and Windows, heat insulation, nylon guide wheel durability.


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