Defects in Container Aluminum Foil

Here, the most common black silk, odor defects in the container aluminum foil products are briefly analyzed and prevented as follows:

There are two main reasons of black silk production: First, the scratch defects on the surface of the material before rolling, after the contamination of the rolling oil and roll rolling, the non-metallic impurities are embedded to form a point or needle like scratch surface, which becomes a discontinuous black filamentary scratch; Second, circulating water flushing roll grinder wheel surface is not clean, in the grinding process of fine sand into the roller and the grinding head, instantly form the convex points on the work roll surface, resulting in the surface of the needle scratch.

Odor caused by the main reasons are: rolling oil is not filtered after the timely clean, and then in the annealing process after the oil caused by contaminated residue left in the foil surface odor.

Precautions: strictly control the quality and plate quality of the cast blanks, to prevent inter-layer abrasion; roll grinding process to keep the grinding fluid filter clean, can not contain any mechanical impurities, so that regular replacement; Of the management, according to the quality by volume to replace the filter media to ensure that the light transmission of rolling oil.

In short is the process to be strictly in accordance with the development of the work instructions to regulate the operation of each step, so that our products do zero defective products to the quality to stabilize the market to the credibility to win the market.


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