Development trend of aluminum alloy roll in China

In recent years, Chinese market demand for industrial alloy aluminum volumes, due to industrial aluminum alloy with a light weight, corrosion resistance, easy to shape, recyclable characteristics, in China stressed the premise of energy saving and environmental protection, industrial aluminum coils in the transportation, home appliances , Electronic and mechanical equipment and other areas of the application of a large increase to aluminum gradually replace steel, copper and other traditional metal materials to become the development trend.

aluminum coils
aluminum coils

In the process of leap-forward development of China’s railway, lightweight is the main way to achieve high-speed heavy load. In China, the transportation of bulk raw materials mainly depends on the railway, aluminum alloy sheet in the railway coal truck on the application of unlimited potential, back to Shanxi Province to Hebei Province, Daqin line, for example, is the West China Coal to the coastal industrial area of the main channel One of the running on the aluminum alloy coal trains, and with the same weight, similar to the structure of the whole steel train, not only the body weight reduction of five tons, but also can achieve each vehicle weight increase of five tons of the target.
Today, almost all of the international car brands have increased the development and application of aluminum alloy materials. What is the energy saving effect of the aluminum industry in the automobile industry? The research data show that reducing the weight of the transport tool is an effective way to reduce fuel consumption. The use of high strength steel in key auto parts can only reduce the weight of aluminum coil; Can reduce the car into the weight of four percent. In addition to low-carbon energy, aluminum coil also has a strong impact performance, can absorb the collision energy is twice the steel plate.

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