Different Expressions of 8×4 Aluminium Sheet

As a kind of light metal, aluminium and alloys, and aluminum alloy products are applied to various industries. The main aluminum products are including aluminum sheet plate, coil aluminium, casting aluminum ingots, aluminum foil, etc. In these products, aluminum sheet is the most common type. Further more, aluminum plates are divided into different sizes and now 8×4 aluminium sheet is the most popular one. 8×4 aluminium sheet belongs to common aluminum alloy. Because its production technology is relatively mature and its transport style is relatively convenient, 8×4 aluminium sheet is playing a more and more important role in both materials and profiles.

8×4 Aluminium Sheet

Because people’s habits are different, there are many different expressions of 8×4 aluminium sheet. But one consensus is that the abbreviatory unit following 8×4 aluminium sheet is foot. 1 foot equals to 30.48 centimeter. The client can convert them according to their needs. The different expressions of 8×4 aluminium sheet are also including aluminum sheet 4×8, aluminium sheet 8×4, 8×4 aluminium sheet, 4 by 8 aluminum sheet, 4ft x 8ft aluminum sheet and other similar forms. One point can be certain is that the sizes of aluminium sheet are 4 foot in width and 8 foot in length. Converting to the international unit system, the aluminum sheet is about 1220 cm wide and about 2440 cm long.


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