Do You Know 5083 Aluminum Sheet Is A Kind Of Metalloid ?

5083 aluminum sheet is a metalloid, it can soluble in alkali, also soluble in acid.

Zinc does not change much in dry air, but in humid air, zinc surface will produces a film of zinc carbonate hydroxide. The standard electrode potential of zinc is -0.76V, as for steel, the zinc clad layer is a kind of anodic clad layer, its main purpose is to prevent the steel from corrosion, and the thickness of the zinc clad layer has a great relationship with the protective properties of 5083 aluminum sheet.

5083 Aluminum Sheet
5083 Aluminum Sheet

Galvanization is a surface treatment, it refers to coating a layer of zinc on the surface of metal, alloy and other material, it makes the material more elegant, and improve the anti-rust effect. After passivation treatment, dyeing or coating with a light agent, the zinc clad layer can significantly improve the protective and decorative performance of 5083 aluminum sheet.

5083 aluminum sheet using the continuous casting and rolling process, has a good processability, a good corrosion resistance and a good weldability, it widely used in traffic vehicles, such as ships, aircraft, cars and pressure vessel (like tank truck, refrigerated truck and reefer container). Our products sells well at home and abroad, exported to the United States, Korea, Japan, Italy, Canada, United Arab Emirates and so on, our quality and brand won the trust from customers.

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