haomei 5052 aluminum alloy plate for mechanical equipment

Machinery manufacturing industry on the socio-economic development has a subtle role. Machinery industry is the basis of national economic development, is the main traction of economic growth, so the machinery manufacturing industry has an important role in the development of national economy. The use of machinery and equipment to help improve productivity, speed up industrial development, machinery and equipment manufacturing is very important. 5052 aluminum alloy plate performance is superior, for the manufacture of machinery and equipment is more appropriate.

5052 aluminum alloy plate
5052 aluminum alloy plate

From the five factors (people, money, energy, materials and machinery) of modern society production and service, we can see how important the machinery is. Then the manufacture of mechanical equipment, of course, is also a very important part. The mechanical equipment uses 5052 aluminum alloy plate because it has the following performance advantages:
1, forming performance: the alloy hot plastic process is good. Forging and forging temperature of 420 ~ 475 ℃, in this temperature range of deformation rate> 80% of the thermal deformation. Its cold stamping performance and alloy state, annealing (O) state of cold stamping performance is good, H32, H34 state when the second, while the H36 / H38 state is not good.
2, the welding performance: the alloy of gas welding, arc welding, resistance welding, spot welding, seam welding performance is good, argon arc welding occurs when the tendency of crystal cracks. Brazing performance is good, and poor soldering performance. Weld strength and plasticity, weld strength of the base metal strength of 90% to 95%.
3, mechanical processing performance: the alloy annealing state of the cutting performance is not good, and cold hardening state has improved. In addition, 5052 aluminum alloy plate material hardness is higher, used for the manufacture of mechanical equipment is an excellent choice.
5052 aluminum alloy plate’s main alloying elements are aluminum and magnesium, with a good forming processability, corrosion resistance, weldability, medium strength. haomei Aluminum 5052 alloy plate through re-processing can improve its strength and hardness, for mechanical equipment has a better application experience

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