haomei 5083 marine aluminum plate

5083 Marine aluminum plate with low density, high strength can reduce the application of heavy ship advantage. The low density, high strength, high rigidity and corrosion resistance of aluminum make the aluminum ship 20% lighter in weight compared to ships made of steel or other alloy materials. This can reduce ship weight and reduce energy consumption.

5083 Marine aluminum plate
5083 Marine aluminum plate

5083 Marine aluminum plate also has application advantages Corrosion resistance, durable, economic and environmental protection. haomei 5083 marine aluminum alloy of high toughness, corrosion resistance and weldability, for the strict production of the ship provides the possibility. At the same time, the haomei board can be more resistant to the ocean climate in the atmosphere, steam, water and other media corrosion, durable, more economical.

5083 Marine aluminum plate is one of the new products of 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloy because of its high strength, resistance to stress, strong corrosion resistance, can adapt to the marine environment, at the same time, aluminum density is low, good weldability and so on , Making it very easy to shape, so 5083 marine aluminum in the future of the marine economy is an industry attention “star of tomorrow.” In recent years, due to China’s shipbuilding industry to implement a lot of technological transformation and product development, so China’s shipboard manufacturing capacity has improved significantly. Ship plate production and sales are increasing year by year, coupled with China’s attention to the development of marine economy and policy support, China’s demand for marine aluminum plate rising. For the domestic manufacturing industry, steel enterprises and aluminum processing enterprises are working to enhance scientific and technological research and development efforts, especially aluminum processing enterprises for the 5083 marine aluminum R & D and production, is the top priority of domestic aluminum manufacturing

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