How about the insulation aluminum coil in packaging and transportation?

Thermal insulation aluminum coil is the most popular thermal insulation material in recent years, but many manufacturing aluminum coils are damaged due to improper packaging and transportation, which affects the normal use. Let’s talk about the matters needing attention in aluminum packaging and transportation:

high quality tape aluminum foil
high quality tape aluminum foil

The first is aluminum coil packaging. According to the customer needs, can the whole volume of aluminum coil insulation packaging, also can be divided into small volumes, aluminum products manufacturers must ask the customer to use, convenient construction of customers; small volume, conditional, best paper core, to prevent small volume deformation, or crushed and bent to seal the aluminum coil; use plastic cloth, sealed with transparent tape sealed to prevent water vapor into the aluminum coil caused by corrosion and discoloration; packaging using thick shell packaging firm, has the condition, can add a layer of kraft paper between the plastic cloth and paper shell, increase the protective effect; wrapped aluminum coil placed in wooden and steel reinforcement.

Secondly, the transport.When loading, don’t let the heat exchanger aluminum coil stock ,air conditioner aluminum coil aluminum coil stock colors queeze, especially in small volume, easy to bend or collapse edge, affect the normal use;Although careful packing, loading, transport damaged packaging, so pay attention to the aluminum coil not to drench water, so as to avoid aluminum coil sheet in water;Aluminum volume above do not place objects, especially not put paper core is of small volume, which easy to deformation, affect the construction use.

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