How is the aluminum sheet made?

The original material: first, it needs to produce the alloy that is suitable for the aluminum sheet, and calculate out the using amount, and the different alloy need to be mixed by the proper proportion. Then, the mixed alloy need to be put into the smelting furnace, and the gas and the dirt will be removed through the scientific method. The next step is the casting, the aluminum liquid need to be casted by the special technology, it will be casted to the shape that you want. Pressing is the important way for the material to form the shape, which can complete the heat procession. The last step is to color the aluminum sheet. Oxidization procession of the aluminum sheet can increase the corrosion resistance, and it also make the surface of it beautiful. The surface treatment: profiles, cleaning surfaces require the use of chemical or physical methods, naked pure matrix, so that the profile has a relatively dense and full of the oxide film. You can also use mechanical means to get specular or Matt surface.

aluminium sheet

Anodizing: after surface treatment of profiles, under certain conditions, Anodic oxidation can occur on the surface of the matrix, produces a dense, porous, strong AL203 membrane adsorption layer.. Hole sealing: Anodic oxidation of the resulting porous oxide film membrane pore closure, so that the oxide film on pollution prevention, enhanced corrosion resistance and wear resistance properties. The oxide film is transparent, oxide adsorption, adsorption of metal salts in the model, you can make the profiles show a variety of colors. Above are the process and technology of the aluminum sheet, Haomei Industrial Co., Ltd. has much experiences in this field, and if you have any need, please contact with us.

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