How much is a ton of aluminium plate?

Aluminium plate, refers to the thickness of more than 0.2mm, less than 200mm, the length of 16m within the aluminium material, but also into aluminium or aluminium sheet. From the process, the aluminium plate is made of aluminium ingot rolling from the rectangular plate, divided into pure aluminium, aluminium alloy, thin aluminium, thick aluminium, pattern aluminium.
Different sizes of aluminium, different thickness, thousands of specifications. Then how to calculate the price of aluminium it, “aluminium how much money a ton,” what are the determinants of what?

How much is a ton of aluminium plate?
How much is a ton of aluminium plate?

1, aluminium ingot price
We all know that the price of aluminium ingots are fluctuating every day, so manufacturers of the same specifications of the aluminium products will also offer with the price of aluminium ingot fluctuations. For example, the price of aluminium on a day of the month is 10960, and today’s price is 9900, then now buy aluminium, then the price per ton of aluminium at least 1060 yuan cheaper.
2, processing costs
Different alloy grades of the product per ton of processing costs are different, even if the same model specifications of the aluminium plate, in several different aluminium enterprises inquiry, it may have a different cost. This is related to the manufacturer’s equipment capacity, product quality and other cost.
The production cost of the 1060-H18 alloy aluminium roll is about 1,800 yuan, while the processing cost of the 6061-T4 aluminium plate is more than 10,000 yuan per ton. The While other enterprises offer is not the same, the main reason is the strength of manufacturers, cost control, quality control and other aspects of the impact.
3, freight
For large-scale aluminium industrial products, logistics and transportation is an important part of aluminium sales, the length of the transport distance, the number of goods, have affected the calculation of aluminium freight, in general, the average per ton of aluminium transport costs in the 300- 500. Under normal circumstances, some of the larger manufacturers equipped with a more complete logistics system, you can save some of the overall transport costs.
Now we can see: aluminium price = (aluminium price + processing fee + shipping) * quantity.
How much money a ton of aluminium, that is, a ton of aluminium factory price composition is from the current price of aluminium ingot + processing fees, as long as the Yangtze River colored network query the day of the aluminium price, consult the haomei aluminium and other manufacturers For an aluminium processing fee, then, “how much money a ton of aluminium” can be calculated very simply. Want to know more about the latest offer for aluminium, please email:

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