How To Calculate The 5754 Aluminum Plate Price?

What’s the price of 5754 aluminum plate? It is one of the most concern in the time of many enterprises in the purchase of 5754 aluminum plate. So, 5754 aluminum prices exactly what are the factors? Let’s learn about the basic performance of the product.

5754 aluminum plate
5754 aluminum plate

5754 aluminum plate belongs to 5 series alloy aluminum plate, the main alloying element is aluminum, magnesium, silicon. 5754 aluminum plate is one of the representatives of the 5 series high magnesium alloy products, with good corrosion resistance, cold work performance is good, the intensity of medium, is one of the 5 series alloy application prospect. It has been widely used in the metal sheet instrument tubing, vehicles, ships, hardware products and other items.
The performance of 5754 aluminum plate is so good as a result of its complex process compared with other series of aluminum plate. Therefore, the price of 5754 aluminum plate is also higher. Specifically, 5754 aluminum price is closely related to three factors.

Firstly, Raw material: Aluminum ingots price fluctuations
5754 aluminum plate belongs to the aluminum alloy products processing, so 5754 the raw material of aluminum ingots and aluminum prices are closely related. As we all know, aluminum price is in long-term volatility, therefore, aluminum ingots price general with the Yangtze River nonferrous metals spot price shall prevail.

Secondly, the processing fee: different specifications differ in the processing fees.
During production, 5754 aluminum plate can be many different specifications, thickness, width, length according to customer’s requirements, and different specifications of aluminum plate in the production, cause a big difference processing fee.

Thirdly, the freight
The freight is a part of the 5754 aluminum plate constitutes price. Different distance and quantity of the goods of different aluminum freight must also have different freight fees. Some sourcing company will go to the factory since, in this case, procurement enterprise oneself is responsible for transport, of course there is no freight.
But there are some companies will ask manufacturers delivery, in this case, the manufacturer will according to the quantity of the goods, the distance for a freight cost.

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