How to Calculate the Density of Aluminum?

Aluminum, a silvery white, soft metal, kitchen utensils past appeared more at home, and now we are all made of stainless steel instead of, but in the home circuit wires, smallpox and a variety of household hardware supplies still a lot of use, etc., today we come to understand the density of aluminum, aluminum density is the number density of aluminum understand how we count down? How much of the aluminum density?

How to Calculate the Density of Aluminum?
How to Calculate the Density of Aluminum?

The density of aluminum material with a purity of change, its impurity content, the less the higher or aluminum when aluminum content, its density is greater, the density of aluminum is 2700 kg per cubic meter, according to other series alloy different generally between 2.58-2.9. How to calculate the density of aluminum? You can obtain the relevant data through the graduated cylinder, balance measurement data obtained by the density of aluminum.

1, with the balance to give quality

2, cylinder mounted in Sheung Shui, write down the volume scale V1.

3, with a thin rod leash, immersion into the cylinder, note the volume V2. Density is: p = m / (V2-V1).

The use of aluminum in the home:

1, the density of aluminum is very small, only 2.7 g / cm, although it is relatively soft, but can be made of aluminum, such as hard aluminum, hard aluminum, rust-proof aluminum, cast aluminum and the like. The aluminum is widely used in aircraft, automobiles, trains, ships, and other manufacturing industries. In addition, space rockets, space shuttles; satellites also use a lot of aluminum and its alloys. For example, a supersonic aircraft is composed of about 70% of aluminum and its alloys. Ship construction is also widely used aluminum, a large amount of aluminum passenger ship often up to several thousand tons.

2, after the aluminum conductive silver, copper and gold, although its conductivity is only 2/3 of copper, but copper density is only 1/3, so the same amount of power delivered, only the copper quality aluminum the half. Aluminum surface oxide film has the ability to not only resistant to corrosion, but also a certain insulation, so aluminum has wide range of uses in the electrical manufacturing industry, wire and cable industry and radio industry.

3, aluminum is a good conductor of heat, it’s the heat capacity three times larger than iron, the home can be used to make cooking utensils and so on.

4, aluminum has a silver-white luster (generally metallic color when powdered mostly black), commonly used to paint, commonly known as silver, silver paint to protect against corrosion of iron products, but also beautiful.

5, the reflective properties of aluminum is also very good light, UV reflectance stronger than silver, more pure aluminum, the better its reflectivity, and therefore used to produce high quality mirrors, such as mirrors and other cookers.

6, aluminum has a sound-absorbing performance, acoustics are better, so radio room, large modern building interior ceiling, also made of aluminum.


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