How to choose high-quality 5083 marine aluminum plate?

5083 marine aluminum plate is a high value-added aluminum products, and in recent years it has become a large number of large aluminum manufacturers’ strategic direction. 5083 marine aluminum is getting more and more in market supply, with uneven quality. As the marine aluminum plate on the performance requirements are relatively high, which also to customers in the purchase of 5083 board is to increase the requirements. Choosing high-quality 5083 marine aluminum plate, customers can in the latter part of the production achieve better economic benefits.

How to identify 5083 marine aluminum plate
How to identify 5083 marine aluminum plate

5083 Marine aluminum is a typical Mg-Al alloy. As the marine aluminum plate requires a higher, so a special certification body for its industry certification. The authority of the domestic certification is certified by the China Classification Society, in the international certification of the classification societies is the industry generally recognized certification. So customers in the purchase of 5083 marine aluminum plate should see if the other side has the relevant certification, which is the most direct approach.
On the other hand, customers can ask sample to test before purchasing from aluminum manufacturers, comparing the indicators of the product after test. If it can meet your requirements, purchase it.
In short, customers in the order before the purchase must be very clear understanding of the quality of each other’s products, and they should not blindly buy it, or it will bring inconvenience later.

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