How to choose high quality medium-thick aluminum plate?

When we choose medium-thick aluminum manufacturers to buy aluminum plate, what we most worry about is the quality and price. Like aluminum plate, many people do not understand the surface and material of medium-thick aluminum. So what kind of aluminum plate has the best quality? The medium-thick aluminum manufacturer-haomei  Aluminum gives you the best answer.

How to choose high quality medium-thick aluminum plate?
How to choose high quality medium-thick aluminum plate?

1. check the marks
Normally we see the thick aluminum plate  manufacturers are with the marks, and the marks include the product code and a standard license.
2. check the surface quality

In the thick aluminum manufacturers in addition to see the surface cleanliness or not, we need to see more things, such as we should see if there is some aluminum plate cracks or some corrosion phenomenon, these are the need to carefully The observed talent can be found.
3 oxide film thickness
This is the need to use a professional eddy current thickness measurement instrument for testing.
4. sealing the quality of the hole
Sealing is formed after the anodic oxidation was formed, if these seals are not well handled, it will lead to the subsequent corrosion of aluminum sheet appears. Usually we carry out the test method is acid leaching, is to remove the surface of the amount of dust, the nitric acid drip to the surface, gently wipe, wash off the nitric acid with water, and then drops on the surface of gentian violet, a minute after the clean paint, see Look at the surface if there are obvious signs, if any, that seal did not handle well.
5. Corrosion resistance
Medium aluminum manufacturers also affect the indicators of the life of aluminum sheet, we often use the method of dropping alkali, the use of sodium hydroxide solution, mainly to see the oxide film is run through time. It is advisable to proceed with strict requirements in the laboratory.
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