How to choose the aluminium sheet for ps plate

The aluminium sheet for ps plate is one of the basic elements for making a high quality PS plate. After long-term development, through years of production research, in recent years, the quality of PS base plate of aluminum processing plants in China has been considerably improved, it is necessary to improve the stability of grades and quality to truly achieve the quality requirements of the aluminum base plate for the PS plate factory, we aluminum ps plate factory must also work hard to creating conditions for the popularization of high-end PS and CTP plates.

Positive ps plate of Haomei

aluminium sheet for ps plate

So far, no better material has been found to replace the aluminium plate in the material selection of the PS plate. With the vigorous development of printing industry, the market and production capacity of aluminum PS plate and aluminum base plate have grown rapidly. At present, the aluminum plate and foil project construction boom is in the ascendant, new enterprises are constantly emerging, process technology is changing with each passing day, and the market is changing. The main raw materials for the production of PS plate are PS plate special plate, photosensitive glue. Here we first talk about the PS plate special plate, aluminium sheet for ps plate is generally required to have the following characteristics:

1, Having sufficient strength as a support;

2, Good dimensional viscosity and flatness to ensure printing accuracy;

3, Having a surface state and chemical composition adapted to the template;

4, There is performance situation that can be used as a product.

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