How to clean color coated aluminum coil

The cleaning of color coated aluminum coil or sheet should follow steps as below.

1. Washing the coil or sheet surface with enough water until dust and dirt get off.

2. Mix a suitable amount of standard cleaning agent with a corresponding proportion of clean water. Dip a soft piece of cleaning cloth into the solution, and then wipe the surface of color coated aluminum coil or sheet gently to remove dogged stains.


3. Washing the surface again with abundant clean water.

4. Observe the sheet surface carefully and check whether there are dirty parts which should be cleaned once again.

5. Repeat the steps above if necessary.

6. Wash the coil or sheet surface until all the dirt and cleaning agent is removed.

The color coated aluminium coil combines advantages of both organic polymer and aluminium sheets, so its performance is very outstanding. Applied in many fields, it has reached application standards for materials of many areas in anti-skid, aesthetic and practical aspects. In order to better guarantee its life and quality, we must pay more attention to its maintenance and cleaning work. When the sheet temperature reaches 40 degree centigrade and more, moisture will be excessively volatilized, which leads to a certain degree of damage to its surface, so relative protective and maintenance measures must be taken fully and in time.

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