How to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil bags

The quality of food is connect with its packaging, and let’s see how to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil bags.
Aluminium Household Foil
1. The printing quality of aluminum foil bags. 
  You can observe the junction of foil bags to see if it has any obvious third color, brushed, matte surface or missing printed.
2. The material of aluminum foil bags.
  The foil bags must be odorless, people always feel a bag with some smell does not meet the health standards. If foil bags are odorless, we also need to check the transparency.
3. The firmness of aluminum foil bags.
  The firmness level of aluminum foil bags without tin ingredient is different because of it material. The main method for distinguish is use our hands to tear the edge of the bags. A composite bag that made of nylon and high-pressure film is hard to tear by hands, so this kind of bag can used for bagging some heavier products, like stone, large particles and so on. On the contrary, the bag which made of OPP heat sealing film is easy to tear, but it can bagging some light weight products only. We can observe the shape and structure of section after tearing the bag, if the section is evenly from middle of heat seal, it shows this bag will easy to break during production process; if the section tore from sealing place, it shows the quality of heat seal is better. We also can check compound firmness by the structure of crack, if we can apart this several layers easily, it indicates that the compound firmness is good. In addition, we also check the surface has any air bubbles or wrinkles.
4. The tidiness of appearance.
  Check the stiffness. In general, the higher stiffness the better quality bag is, but it depends on material and requirement. For example, the composite bag that made of nylon and high-pressure film, there will have some wavy shapes in heat seal; as well as check the edge of bags whether it is neat or not.

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