How to maintain the aluminum alloy coil

Only to do a good job on the maintenance of the aluminum alloy coil in daily life can ensure its efficient use. Aluminum alloy coil is our main product, and it has a wide application of building. We need to pay attention to the maintenance of aluminum coil because of it easy to oxidize.

Maintenance works:
1. Must be covered with tarpaulin to prevent the intrusion from rainwater and snow during shipping.
2. Must ensure the oxide film and paint film of sheet surface remained intact,
3. Storage environment should be dry, bright, well-ventilated, no corrosion of the climate.
4. In storage, Must be separated aluminum coil from the ground with rails tie plate for moistureproof, keep the distance to the ground more than 10CM.
5. Do not store with chemical materials and moisture materials
6. After processing into doors or windows, need to clean regularly with net cloth.

The performance of aluminum alloy coil:
1. Mechanicalness, aluminum alloy coil use the good quality aluminum material, plastic and adhesive, and a advanced composite technology. The product has the flexural strength that decorative panels requires, will not mbending, deforming, inflating with the change of wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors.
2. Flat surface, there are no composite indentation on surface, no residual stress on the board and do no deformed after shearing.
3. Weatherproof, the paint pattern that backing by coated and high temperature has a high gloss retention and a stable tint. The polyester paint warrant 10 years, and the fluorocarbon paint warrant more than 20 years.
4. Environmentally friendly, will not be corroded by salty acid rain, do not release any toxic gas, the keels and fasteners will not be corroded.
5. Decorative, it can coating into wood grain or stone pattern, has a rich texture and natural beauty.

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