Marine aluminum sheet of haomei Aluminum power shipbuilding lightweight

With the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction in the international community, the global shipbuilding industry is trying to achieve low fuel consumption, low emissions and low pollution. Among them, the high performance composite materials have been widely used abroad for its excellent properties. The use of aluminum is far lower than the cost of titanium alloy, carbon fiber and other materials. Because of its low density, high strength and good corrosion resistance, it is widely used in modern shipbuilding industry, especially in the construction of high speed ships. In order to achieve lightweight, improve the speed of the ship, often use a low density of aluminum alloy structure.

aluminum plate
aluminum plate

In addition, the high toughness, corrosion resistance and weldability of aluminum alloys provide a good choice for the construction of the ship with strict weight requirements. Due to the low cost of aluminum processing, coupled with the outstanding physical characteristics of aluminum alloy, so the use of aluminum manufacturing ship more economical. For the consideration of strength, carrying capacity, cost and durability, the main hull is a steel structure. Aluminum alloy is only used in the superstructure to reduce weight and reduce the center of gravity, in order to improve the performance of the hull.

With the continuous development of technology, high performance marine aluminum alloy products will be able to adapt to the marine environment, and replace the traditional steel plate. To realize the lightweight and energy saving and emission reduction of the ship, and to improve the efficiency of the shipping and aluminum alloy processing industry. Due to the high corrosion resistance and weldability of high strength aluminum alloy, the aluminum alloy with medium strength and corrosion resistance. The aluminum alloys, which are most suitable for use in the environment of easy corrosion, are 5xxx series alloy and 6xxx series alloy.
haomei aluminum production 5083 and 6082 shipbuilding aluminum sheet, are the manufacturing domain in the most traditional the most commonly used aluminium alloy. High-quality products and services of haomei Aluminum are welcomed by the majority of shipping enterprises. haomei aluminum will increase product research and development in the future, and continue to provide our customers with high-quality marine aluminum and environmentally friendly materials to help build the light weight of the ship.

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