Preferred 5083 Aluminum sheet for car body

With the development of the logistics and transportation industry, the demand for large trucks on the market is increasing day by day. Truck body is generally made of aluminum alloy sheet. A few years ago, a lot of truck manufacturing using steel plate, but after a period of time, found that the steel plate is easy to rust corrosion, greatly shorten the service life of the truck. At present, the market is gradually replaced by aluminum sheet. Aluminum alloy sheet has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent antirust properties. In addition, the quality of the aluminum alloy sheet is lighter than that of the steel plate, because it is a good choice to use the body of the car.

Aluminum alloy wheel hub
Aluminum alloy wheel hub

5083 belong to Al-Mg-Si alloy, and has widely applications. The application of 5083 aluminum sheet belongs to the field of aluminum processing industry. With the vigorous development of the domestic rail transit market, as well as the arrival of the era of global automotive, has a huge market prospect. According to the market development of 5083 aluminum sheet and the demand of the light weight, the production of aluminum alloy sheet was increased, and the production process of aluminum alloy sheet was strictly controlled by 5083 aluminum alloy. Through the determination of alloy composition, casting process optimization, homogenization heat treatment and rolling process test, 5083 marine aluminum sheet of haomei aluminium with aluminum performance with foreign materials can meet user requirements, especially to meet the increasing demand of marine processing aluminum, rail transportation, high-grade car complex parts, and very broad prospects for application.

The strength of 5454 antirust aluminum is more than 5052 aluminum sheet, and its characteristics are the same as 5154. However, the corrosion resistance in the harsh environment is better than 5154. Common car body aluminum sheet has 5083 and 5454 alloy sheet. The 5000 series alloy is mainly aluminum magnesium alloy, which has good corrosion resistance, good weldability and cold workability. A wide range of applications, especially in the construction industry can not be separated from this alloy, and is the most promising alloy. haomei aluminium research department is currently looking to the new product applications, and constantly develop new products for the company’s survival and development has brought great momentum. haomei aluminium production 5000 series of products have a considerable experience, can produce good products, of course, can not do without a good equipment. haomei aluminium Company’s production equipment is the world’s leading, to ensure that the surface of the aluminum sheet does not appear defects, vibration marks, burrs and other defects. Excellent product quality has won the favor of the industry market. With the development of the market of the car body, the coverage of the aluminum body of the aluminum industry will be higher.

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