Production Technology of Aluminum Circle

The main production equipment for the aluminum Circle unwinding and blanking production line are: loading trolley, unwinding machine, leveling machine, feeder and so on. Aluminum Circles  are widely used in the fields of electronics, daily chemistry, medicine, culture and education, automobile accessories and so on. Kitchen utensils such as non-stick cooker, pressure cooker is aluminum alloy plate and strip one of the deep processing products with a very large amount of use. The production line technology fundamentally eliminates the production safety hazards and product quality hazards of ordinary punching. Reduce the waste quantity and make the raw material utilization rate reach 80% or more. Unwinding system, six-fold leveling machine, high-rigid mechanical press, automatic palletizing system, etc., to ensure the high quality of aluminum Circle  products.

Aluminum disc (round aluminum sheet)

The production technology does not need to carry on the longitudinal shear and the crosscutting treatment of the coiling material, reduces the production procedure, reduces the production cost. With a modular mold design, the conversion time can be reduced to less than 15 minutes when converting aluminum Circle production specifications. The diameter range of manufactured aluminum wafers ranges from 85 mm to 750 mm.

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