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The 7000 series aluminum is the strongest material in 8 series aluminum alloys. In particular, the 7075 aluminum plate is a super-hard aluminum, which is the ideal material for manufacturing aircraft. The price of 7075 aluminum is relatively higher than pure aluminum, so it is generally used for aviation. 7075 aluminum covers the advantages of 7000 series aluminum.

Aluminum plate advantages:
Aluminum plate advantages:

The 7000 series aluminum alloy can be regarded as the most strong type of industrial aluminum alloy, and its strength even reaches about 2/3 of industrially A3 steel, this is one of the important reasons why it is favored by customers. From another point of view, the advantages of the 7000 series aluminum alloy may be more obvious, achieving 2/3 of the strength of A3 steel, but only need 1/3 of the weight of A3 steel, for consumer electronics, 7000 series aluminum alloy are good metal material. Another advantage of 7000 series aluminum is its good wear resistance, which is mainly due to its higher hardness. 7075 aluminum sheet plate is one of the strong commercial alloys, which has common corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and anode reaction. Besides of applied in aircraft, 7075 aluminum plate can also be used to machining of mechanical equipment and mould.
Supply high quality 7075 aluminum plate uk Applications:

UK 7075 aluminum plate is commonly used in aircraft fittings, aeroplane, air, aviation parts, military truck ,gears and shafts, fuse parts, meter shafts and gears, missile parts, regulating valve parts, worm gears, keys, aircraft, aerospace and defense applications; bike frames, all terrain vehicle (ATV) sprockets.
Supply high quality 7075 aluminum plate uk profile:
Tension Leveling Line
Italy SELEMA Tension leveling line, the unique strip entrance system uses the strip through the tank to ensure a good plate type, no scratches, vibration marks and surface defects.

On-line Quenching
Greatly reduce the production cycle and energy consumption, enhance stability of product performance, make the product have beautiful surface and good corrosion resistance.


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