Aluminum alloy for light-pole Cement, cast iron, steel, fiber glass reinforced plastics, etc. are the material for light-pole. The light-pole that made of cement has a low cost, and it no need to processed by surface treatment. However, cement light-pole is very heavy, a high transportation costs, expensive installation equipment and high risk are the weak side. At present, most of the light-pole is made of cast iron, this kind of light-pole has a low cost and a high intensity. However, cost iron light-pole will occurs severe corrosion during use, so it must be maintained regularly, and brings a high maintenance costs.

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How to maintain the anode oxide film of aluminum alloy profiles

www iqoption com+ S.R.L. - Via Grota Del Diau Zot 1 - 34074 Monfalcone (GO)45.7899713.56284: visualizza indirizzo, numero di telefono, CAP, mappa, indicazioni After the chemical or electrochemical polishing, then the anodizing treatment, the aluminum products will obtain a smooth and bright layer of oxide film, with a high transparency, at this time, the aluminum alloy surface is easy to obtain various colors by dyeing. In the field of industry, the anodizing treatment or chemical oxidation methods are becoming more and more widely used, it makes aluminum alloys to obtain a layer of oxide film, and to achieve a purpose of protection and decoration.

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What kind of aluminum plate is suitable for making aluminum sheet wire drawing?

In recent years, more and more metal shells of aluminum products have been made of metal wire drawing technology to enhance the beauty and resist erosion. Make products both fashionable and technological. This is one of the reasons why the technology is so popular. Aluminum sheet wire drawing is the process of repeatedly using sandpaper to scrape the aluminum plate out of line. The main process of the aluminum sheet is deester, sand mill and water wash.

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Introduction of 1060 aluminum plate products

1060 aluminum plate belongs to a kind of pure aluminum plate, aluminum content of 99% or more, is a very commonly used in aluminum plate with a series of aluminum, its application field is very wide also, in the market both in scientific experiments and chemical field common figure. 1060 aluminum plate is very common in our life, such as some cap and capacitor shell, cabinets, lamps shell are based on 1060 aluminum as raw materials

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Detailed knowledge introduction of Mirror aluminum sheet

Mirror aluminum sheet, as the name implies refers to the surface of the aluminum mirror the same, reflect the high aluminum. Aluminum mirror is mainly used to make interior architectural decoration, lighting decoration, signs, car decoration, solar heat reflective materials, jewelry boxes, kitchen utensils, household appliances panel, electronic products such as shell, is a widely used aluminum products.

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How do I choose the right aluminum plate supplier?

Aluminum plate has so many advantages and it can be used in many industries, so there are many aluminum coil supplier in the market, then how to choose high-quality aluminum products becomes the core of purchasing department. Choose the aluminum plate manufacturers worth to be trusted, do not focus on the cheap price only, because the profit of aluminum plate is very thin, in the face of fierce competition in the market, bad supplier often get profitable profits by false weight or replace materials, which caused losses to the buyer, please pay attention when purchase aluminum coil form supplier.

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Why is the aluminium coil so popular?

Aluminum coil is actually thin aluminum sheet, while to the delivery, it can be flat as sheet, it can also be rolled as coil. As the iron does not have anti-rust effect, so the aluminum has been completely replaced iron currently. Aluminum coil is one of the more commonly used products in the aluminum plate products. HAOMEI Aluminum now produce 1060,3003 and other series aluminum coil. The aluminum coil products are with beautiful appearance, smooth surface, they are used the pipe insulation package. At present main supply to power plants and chemical plants and other insulation projects.

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What should I pay attention to when processing aluminum circle?

With the widespread use of aluminum products, aluminum circle product can be seen in many aspects of our lives. Many companies began to produce aluminum discs, so as to meet the needs of the market. If a manufacturer want to standing out of the market, the quality of aluminum circle is the first considered key problem. Only qualified products can track customers and won high reputation, and takes success of the career. While processing the aluminum circle, there are some notes should be considered, with years manufacture experience, Haomei aluminum summarize the notes, now we will share them to you.

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