5083 aluminum sheet for gas storage

As we know, the gas storage cylinder is a gas storage device in the automobile brake system, it is used to store the compressed gas of the air compressor, which is used for automobile braking, whistle and other systems. The cylinder comprises a cylinder and two end caps, wherein a water discharge connection is arranged on the cylinder body and a pipe joint is arranged on both ends.Existing technology in the automobile gas reservoir including aluminium magnesium alloy iron of the gas reservoir and gas reservoir, the aluminum surface has the effect of magnesium alloy materials, cleanliness, and naturally formed a layer of dense 3 oxidation 2 aluminium surface protective film can well protect the substrate from corrosion, prolong the service life and without spray paint, also has a lightweight aluminum and magnesium alloy materials, reduce the body weight.In view of the above advantages, most of the existing technologies are aluminum magnesium alloy storage cylinders.

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