The differences between aluminum alloy plate and pure aluminum plate In fact, aluminum sheet is a kind of rectangular plate that use of aluminum ingots or aluminum rolling through a certain amount of processing, and aluminum alloy sheet is the upgrade products of aluminum, it add various alloy elements during processing, it aims to improve mechanical properties and chemical indicators. There are their difference performance:

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which aluminum sheet alloys are best

go to link Aluminum sheet,also named as aluminum alloy sheet,is a oblong plate produced by aluminum stock. According to different alloy aluminum sheet metal elements, the aluminum sheet alloys can divided into 8 series mainly. Many friends want to find out which aluminum plate are best, but different series have different application scale with different function. What you should do is to find the most appropriate one.

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Analysis of the cause of black spots on the surface of aluminum plates.

Aluminum plate is divided into pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, medium thickness aluminum plate pattern aluminum plate. Used on construction of the aluminum plate including single aluminum plate, aluminum sheet and so on the many kinds of composite materials, generally refers to the single aluminum plate, often used in building decoration engineering, single aluminum sheet used in aluminum sheet curtain wall in recent years is relatively rare. The reasons for the black spots on the surface of aluminum plates are analyzed.

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Industrial Pure Aluminum Coil Stock

Industrial pure aluminum coil stock, also called 1xxx coil stock, refers to aluminum coil in which the content of aluminum reaches 99% or above. Different number types stands for different content of aluminum in the coil. For example, 1050 means there is 99.5% aluminum element in the coil, and 1060 99.6% aluminum in the coil. The commonly used types are 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100 and 1200.

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What is the Aluminum Strip

The processing machine for the aluminum strip is the slitting units, which can cut the strip into proper length and width according to the demand, the copper strip can be also processed through it, but the original material of the electronic products no longer rely on the copper belt, and the electrical conductivity of the aluminum ranks only after the copper, so the aluminum strip has been a trend in international country

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High-quality 1060 series aluminum plate for bus

Britain has appeared, in the 19th century, the city public transport, which is the first horse-style public carriage, and has a history of 160 years. And today, the bus has become commonplace, and brings great convenience for people. The development of the bus body is also constantly improving, and the use of alloy material is many, of which 1060 aluminum checker plate can be used to make the bus body.

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Detailed knowledge introduction of Mirror aluminum sheet

Mirror aluminum sheet, as the name implies refers to the surface of the aluminum mirror the same, reflect the high aluminum. Aluminum mirror is mainly used to make interior architectural decoration, lighting decoration, signs, car decoration, solar heat reflective materials, jewelry boxes, kitchen utensils, household appliances panel, electronic products such as shell, is a widely used aluminum products.

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How to Calculate the Density of Aluminum?

Aluminum, a silvery white, soft metal, kitchen utensils past appeared more at home, and now we are all made of stainless steel instead of, but in the home circuit wires, smallpox and a variety of household hardware supplies still a lot of use, etc., today we come to understand the density of aluminum, aluminum density is the number density of aluminum understand how we count down? How much of the aluminum density?

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