The advantages of aluminum tube

Aluminum tube is widely used in the refrigeration system of the cold storage warehouse with a temperature of 10℃ to 45℃, is an ideal evaporator for food freezer and cold store.

aluminum tube :
aluminum tube :

1.high efficiency
Aluminum tube has a lager projected area and evaporation area, it install at the top of cold storage warehouse, the heat exchange capacity per unit area of overhead raw is higher than that of the wall raw. Overhead raw has a higher cold storage effect, it can decrease the startup rate of compressor, thus saving the power consumption.
2. reduce the moister loss of food
Aluminum tube hoisting at the top of the warehouse, form a cooling and natural convection, keep the temperature fluctuation to a smaller, to reduce the moister loss of foods. The cold storage warehouse that use aluminum tube has a few of frost, and the frost is easy to remove.
3.a light weight
At a same evaporation area, the weight of aluminum tube is one sixth of the weight of steel, and it is easy to install.
4.a high heat transfer efficiency
Aluminum products has a good thermal conductivity, its thermal conductivity is 2.9 times that of iron, it can saving 30% of energy, has a high comprehensive cost-performance ratio.
5. clean and a long service life
The surface of aluminum tube is processed by special processing, has a clean interior, a good corrosion-resistant and a long service life.
6.use less refrigerant
The reasonable structure of aluminum tube increase the contact area of the refrigerant, and its external wing panel increase contact area with the air, it greatly improve the refrigerant utilization.
7. accelerate the convection and fast cooling
The wing panel of aluminum tube connect parallel, it form several parallel convection channels. The cold air in the channel will cause a stack effect, and it sink down, thereby to accelerate the convection and speed up the cooling rate.

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