The Alloy Numbers Of Super Hard Aluminum Plate


Many customers want to purchase super hard aluminum plate, but they don’t know the alloy numbers. Today, Haomei Aluminum gives you a brief introduction of super hard aluminum plate and tells you the alloy numbers of super hard aluminum plate.


The common super hard aluminum plates are 2000 series and 7000 series aluminum alloy, such as 2024 aluminum plate, 2A12 aluminum plate, 7075 aluminum plate, etc.
super hard aluminum plate
2xxx series and 7xxx series aluminum alloy is a kind of cold forging alloy. It has high strength, which is far better than mild. It has general corrosion resistance performance, good mechanical properties and anodic reaction. The fine grain makes deep drilling performance better, and it is very popular in aerospace and military field.
2xxx series and 7xxx series super hard aluminum plates are the featured products of Haomei Aluminum. And we can produce 2024, 2A12, 7075 etc. and the tempers are mainly T4, T6, T651. Our super hard aluminum plate products are exports to many countries. We can provides one-stop service of production, processing and transportation, and the delivery time are about 35-45 days.
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