The application of aluminum steel Bi-metal

Aluminum steel Bi-metal is one of the most versatile and representative metal composite materials. It is high strength, beautiful steel and light weight, processing formability, corrosion resistance and good thermal conductivity of aluminum as raw material, by hot dip galvanized or plasma activated rolling. Because of its excellent overall performance, it has been widely used in many fields such as machinery, chemical industry, medical equipment, special medical packaging, sports equipment, tableware, sanitary ware and home decoration materials.

high quality aluminum foil

In Japan and the United States, they make automotive, high-speed train decorative parts, body materials, heat exchange parts and the like from aluminum steel Bi-metal using just the strength and aesthetic appearance as well as the electric corrosion resistance of aluminum. Automotive steel parts with aluminum steel Bi-metal can reduce the weight of the car by 15%, so extensive use of aluminum steel Bi-metal, for the development of lightweight vehicles has a major role.
In shipbuilding, aluminum steel Bi-metal is light weight, aluminum improves corrosion resistance and reduces weight, while steel reinforces and stabilizes the hull and is therefore widely used. Excess material connected as dissimilar materials is used not only in the shipbuilding industry but also as a connecting transition piece for special metals in many other fields such as machinery, electricity, nuclear energy and the like.

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