The differences between aluminum alloy plate and pure aluminum plate

There are ubiquitous aluminum alloy products in our daily life, and we know aluminum alloy plate and pure aluminum plate all belongs to aluminum products, but what is aluminum alloy plate and pure aluminum plate, and what is the difference performance between them?
In fact, aluminum plate is a kind of rectangular plate that use of aluminum ingots or aluminum rolling through a certain amount of processing, and aluminum alloy plate is the upgrade products of aluminum, it add various alloy elements during processing, it aims to improve mechanical properties and chemical indicators. There are their difference performance:

1050 pure aluminum plate
1. Hardness. The hardness of aluminum alloy plate is higher than the hardness of aluminum plate .
2. Conductivity. The conductivity of aluminum alloy plate is better than aluminum sheet, in some power industries, alloy aluminum is their first choice.
3. Corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy sheet is much better than the corrosion resistance of aluminum sheet.
4. plasticity. The plasticity of aluminum alloy is better than the plasticity of aluminum, therefore, the range of application of aluminum alloy sheet is wide than aluminum sheet.
5. Stretch. Aluminum alloy plate easier to stretch than aluminum sheet, so Aluminum alloy plate has larger range of applications.
6. Weight. Aluminum alloy plate is heavier than aluminum sheet, because the aluminum alloy plate added some heavy metals.
7. Weldability. The weldability of aluminum alloy plate is stronger than the weldability of aluminum, but it also limited the application area of aluminum alloy plate .

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