The introduction of cellular aluminum plate

Honeycomb aluminum plate is made up of aluminum honeycomb, aluminum alloy plate on the back and the middle compounded paste; Honeycomb aluminum plate is whole aluminum products with light weight and high strength, easy to recycle, conforms to the spirit of the contemporary environmental protection.Honeycomb aluminum plate used in the construction, can bear the wind pressure strength requirement of special region supertall buildings, can meet the demand of building a bigger frame, and has the very good flatness.

perforated aluminum sheet

Honeycomb aluminum material requirements
1. The front and back aluminum plate is made of high quality aluminium magnesium alloy plate, positive aluminum plate thickness is not less than 0.8 mm, the thickness of the aluminum plate on the back is not less than 0.6 mm.
2. Adopt AA300318. Cellular aluminum material should be treated with anti-corrosion.
3. Honeycomb aluminum plate mechanical properties: MPa or greater 160 MPa and 160 MPa, MPa or greater elongation delta is 6% – 10%.
The advantages of cellular aluminum plate
1. High stiffness: hexagon structure of honeycomb aluminum plate as a sandwich type plate core layer can be withstood the typhoon and other external forces and no material deformation.
2. High flatness, due to its super stability, it can achieve very good flatness.
3. No flammability: due to it is all made of aluminum alloy, belonging to the non-combustible material, so it’s very safe.
4. Heat insulation performance: because the honeycomb core layer of aluminum plate reduce the heat transformation between the board, and the heat transfer is blocked by the formation of the air layer.
5. Durability: the great resistance to chemical corrosion and stability make it a high pollution area is most suitable for building materials.When cleaning water, detergent, and sponges can be easily cleaned.
6. Beautiful: roller not only makes it can persistent to keep color on any of the buildings, and PVDF is internationally recognized for a long time will not fade discoloration.

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