The price of 5052 aluminum alloy sheet

5052 aluminum sheet is the representative of the 5000 series of Al-Mg alloy, and it is currently the most selling of 5000 series alloy on the market. 5052 aluminum alloy sheet is one of the most widely used anti-rust aluminum sheet, high strength, and it has a certain anti-fatigue strength, good plasticity, corrosion resistance, good weldability and can be polished.

5052 aluminum sheet
5052 aluminum sheet

A few years ago, due to the lack of domestic hot rolling production line, there are few manufacturers to produce 5052 aluminum alloy sheet ,and did not form a large-scale production. Therefore, 5052 aluminum alloy market has been in short supply. Since then, Henan haomei 1+4 hot rolling production breaks the monopoly of the residents of the market. The 5052 aluminum alloy sheet, with fast delivery, excellent quality and large scale, quickly occupied the market. At this time, 5052 aluminum processing costs are still around 10000 Yuan. Later, with the rapid development of domestic aluminum processing, industry competition, market demand and other factors, the domestic aluminum enterprises have competed for playing the “price war”, and there is a growing trend. 5052 aluminum alloy sheet prices have been dropped from around 10000 yuan to about 4000 yuan.
In the face of processing costs stumble endlessly, the profit margins of 5052 aluminum sheet are being squeezed, and the price war continues. So at present, the price of 5052 aluminum alloy plate is how much?
At present, the processing fee of 5052 Aluminum Alloy sheet of Southwest Aluminum, haomei Aluminum and other large domestic aluminum processing enterprises are also down with the market, but also within the scope of the standard of quality and quantity. These manufacturers are on the market of 5052 aluminum sheet is the backbone and the large scale production factory. In addition, the small and medium manufacturers of Jiangsu, Henan, Guangdong and other mainly attract customers at low prices, which is difficult to guarantee the quality of some products. Therefore, the overall market quotation is different, and the product quality is not the same.
5052 aluminum alloy sheet price is an important factor to measure the procurement of products, but we should also consider the manufacturers, quality, service and other aspects, to get more protection for enterprise procurement.

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