What are the classifications and characteristics of the aluminum round sheet for signs?

HAOMEI AlUMINUM is the major aluminum round sheet products manufacturer in China. With long experience in aluminium coil,aluminium sheet,aluminium plate,aluminium disc production, HAOMEI provides high quality pre-painted o non-coated aluminium coils and aluminium sheets and even ready-stamped blanks — Triangle, Circle and Octagon, ideal for traffic and road signs. We also offer more options for custom aluminium signs

aluminium traffic signs

The aluminum round sheet for  traffic and road sign industry requires a light material with high color consistency and perfect surfaces. As the legal regulations regarding backside surface coating or corner radii vary from country to country, the production of traffic signs is complex.

 aluminum round sheet  is therefore the most favored material worldwide in the production of traffic signs. It has a long lifetime for outdoor use, and has many advantages:

Non-corroding material
High strength but still light and workable
Only one-third of the weight of steel
Can be bent, roll-formed or processed in numerous ways
Can be recycled unlimited times
Provides money back from recycled scrap or used signs


Haomei pre-painted aluminum round sheet t is the ideal material for the production of traffic and road signs. Due to the high quality of its surface coating, it can be immediately processed without any further pre-treatment required, and is already cut to size. Alloy and coating of the material conform exactly to the special requirements of traffic and road signs. The customer’s process is easy and economic.
aluminium Traffic sign production program

We offer a full package for the international traffic sign market: our products can be delivered either as aluminium coil,aluminium sheet or aluminium blank forms. Novelis’ production programme includes:

Alloy: 1000, 3000 and 5000 series
Pre-treatment: chemically degreased and pre-treated
Natural surface: mill finish chemically degreased
Coil or sheet width: up to 2,000mm
Thicknesses up to 3.0mm
Ready-stamped blanks such as circles, triangles, squares, rectangles etc.
Sheets in a maximum size of 2,000mm x 6,000mm