What are the factors that affect the quality of aluminum plate?

What are the factors that affect the quality of aluminum plate? The following aluminum suppliers tell you:

1. Influence of oxide film quality.

The quality of oxide film mainly refers to the film thickness, porosity and transparency. If the film layer has enough thickness (10um above) and porosity and maximum transparency, the best dyeing quality can be obtained.

2. The influence of aluminum alloy material such as aluminum alloy.

Generally high pure aluminum, aluminum magnesium and aluminum manganese alloy after anodic oxidation, the best dyeing performance, can be dyed into various colors. Aluminum and aluminum alloys with high silicon or copper content can only be dyed dark to black monotone color.

3. Dyeing liquid temperature.

The dyeing is divided into cold dyeing (room temperature) and heat dyeing. The time of cold dyeing is long, but tonal uniformity is easy to control. The time of heat dyeing is short, but the tone is more difficult to control. Control as heat dyeing temperature 40 ~ 60 ℃, such as high temperature (80-90 ℃), often make dye molecules are not infiltrate into the depths of the film hole has closed completely, thereby significantly reducing color fastness, and easy to make the surface hair flower.

Iv. Dye concentration.

The relationship between concentration and color is: light color, low concentration, dark color, higher concentration. Usually, dye very light 0.1 0.39 g/L, dye the light air is 1 g/L, dyed deep tonal for 3 to 5 g/L, dyed deep tonal for 10 to 15 g/L high concentrations of the uneven color or floating color phenomenon, when cleaning and closed treatment, easy to cause \ color \ “flow”. In order to enhance the color fastness, often with low concentration, dyeing time, make the dye molecules fully penetrated into the depths of the oxidized film pore, this also is helpful for color and fastness.


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