What are the specifications of aluminum circle blanks for cookwares?

Aluminum circle is also called as aluminum circle sheet, which is a perfect material for making cookware like aluminum pan, aluminum pot, aluminum rice cooker, aluminum cooking utensils, aluminum pressure cooker and so on. Aluminum cookware has the advantages of light wight, durable, low price, heating fast and uniform, no rust and easy to clean, but aluminum circle cookware can not be used to cook acidic, alkaline or salty food. With the specific classification of cookware, aluminum products have more models and application.

Aluminum Circle or aluminum circle Process Ingot/Master Alloys
It is understood that ordinary aluminum products are divided into casting and stamping two kinds. Cast aluminum products is treated by mechanical polishing, the metal structure is loose, there are some casting defects. To stamping aluminum products, the surface is washed white, through sanding and mechanical polishing, the surface has natural oxide film, but the film’s thickness is only 0.01-0.15μm, it is thin and uneven, it is easy to be mechanical abrasion or wear. While aluminum circle sheet for cookware is a stamped product that is anodized to create oxide film on its surface. The oxide film generally thick 5-20μm, uniform and dense, under the action of alkali, the film is not damaged in 100 seconds. Therefore, the aluminum circle is the best products for making cooking utensils, it has beautiful appearance, easy to remove dirt, strong corrosion resistance, strong wear resistance.


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