What is 7075 Aluminum and why is it special?

7075 Aluminum History

The first 7075 Aluminum was developed in secret by a Japanese company, Sumitomo Metal, in 1943. aluminum 7075 was eventually used for airframe production in the Imperial Japanese Navy.

What is 7075 Aluminum and why is it special?
What is 7075 Aluminum and why is it special?

7075 Aluminum Alloy Applications

Because of its high strength-to-weight ratio and improved strength over Aluminum 6061 alloys, 7075 Aluminum  is largely used in aerospace, marine and transportation industries where strength and light weight properties are critical. High-end bicycle components, molding materials for the plastics and tool industries, glider and hobby-grade airframes and even numerous military applications including assault rifle receivers and precision rifles all benefit from the high polish and improved thermal properties that 7000-series alloys Aluminum provide.

What other elements are contained within 7075

7075 Aluminum contains the following elements: magnesium, silicon, copper, iron, zinc, titanium, manganese and chromium.

Mechanical Properties of Aluminum plate

Generally speaking, aluminum  plate is the second most widely used metal in the world and its physical properties (and its abundance on Earth) explain why. With such traits as low density/low weight, high strength, easier machining and malleability, superb resistance to corrosion and ideal electrical and thermal conductivity, it’s easy to see why aluminum plate  is in demand for metalworkers and numerous industrial applications. While there are numerous alloys and even more temper options available, let’s compare Aluminum  6061 and 7075 aluminum alloys of the T651 temper variety for a quick side by side:

General Mechanical Properties of 7075 Aluminum (T651)

Tensile Strength – 83,000 psi
Yield Point – 74,000 psi
Brinell Hardness – 150
Elongation at Break – 10%
Shear Strength – 48,000 psi
Thermal Conductivity – 130 W/m-K
Strength to Weight Ratio: 196 kN-m/kg

Summary – 6061 vs 7075 Aluminum Alloy

In general, when looking to compare 6061 versus 7075 aluminum alloys, 6061 is considered by many to be highly versatile for a wide variety of general purpose mechanical applications. 7075 is one of the strongest aluminum alloys plate. available and while its increased cost and tougher work ability may come across as obstacles, 7075 alloys are worth their price tag when it comes to applications in which its increased strength and toughness are crucial.

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