What is a pure aluminum sheet?

Aluminum sheet, as its name implies, is made of aluminum or aluminum alloy material. Or it is the type of aluminum products by flat aluminum embryo through heating, rolling and straightening or solution and aging process made.

The lowest aluminum content of the pure aluminum sheet shall be determined by the final number of the series code of the aluminum sheet, for example, the last two number of the 1050 series are 50. According to the world standard, the aluminum content must reach the 99.5%, and then it can be called the qualified product. The technology standard of the aluminum alloy in (gB/T3880-2006)also clearly stipulate the aluminum content must be over 99.5%, and it is the same to the other series of the aluminum sheet.

There are many advantages in the pure aluminum, first, it can be strengthened, the strength can be increased through the cold processing, and the element of Mg, Zn, Cu, MN and SI-L can all be added to it and make the alloy, and the strength will be increased through the hot conduction. The strength of it can be comparable with the high quality alloy. The density of the pure aluminum sheet is small, the density of it is near 2700 kg /m3, and it is the 35%of the density of the iron. Besides, it is anti-corrosion, the surface of the aluminum and its alloy is easy to form a film on the surface, and it is the A 1203 protection film, and this protection film will be destroyed only with the strong action of the alkali ion, so it can bear the influence of the air.

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