what is Marine aluminum plate?

Marine aluminum plate is the emerging market for R & D applications of aluminum products. Shipboard production capacity has also become an important indicator of the comprehensive strength of various aluminum processing enterprises. With the upgrading of domestic aluminum production process, leading enterprises in Henan Province – Haomei aluminum plate production scale gradually expanded, increasingly rich types of alloys, product performance has reached the international advanced level.

At present, Haomei 5083 aluminum plate, 5086 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate and other products, has entered the world shipbuilding market, mainly used in the ship’s deck, the engine platform, the ship side, the bottom of the ship and other components.

Marine aluminum alloy is one of the emerging areas of aluminum products, but also the transformation and upgrading of many domestic aluminum processing enterprises focus on the direction. Marine aluminum alloy because it is used for marine ships and other fields, so than other ordinary aluminum products, there are more stringent process requirements and performance standards.

From the development of marine aluminum, at present, many domestic aluminum manufacturers have begun to focus on research and development 5 series, 6 series of marine aluminum, increase scientific research, expand production scale, into the marine aluminum and other high-end manufacturing market. To the national aluminum processing enterprises – Haomei Aluminum, for example, its 5083,5086,5454 and other aluminum by 2015 China Classification Society certification, in October and passed the Norwegian Classification Society certification, made foreign trade aluminum “world License “, which will be the company’s marine aluminum market to open up a broader space for development, but also for the domestic shipboard enterprises to upgrade and play a positive role model.

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