What is the specification of orange peel aluminum sheet?

The orange peel aluminum sheet is beautiful, with thickness from 0.25mm to 2.0mm, while the maximum width is 1500mm, after pattern embossed, the thickness could be 0.08 to 0.25mm more. Additionally, we offer processing service for orange peel aluminum sheet, which could further strength sheet’s ability of anti-corrosion.

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Pattern: Rhombic veins, orange peel veins, diamond veins, five-rib veins etc.

Pattern: Rhombic veins, orange peel veins, diamond veins, five-rib veins etc.
Product Specifications
Aolly Temper
(Base materal) Specification(mm)
(Base material) Width Length Embossing depth Surface Treatment
1050 1100 1060 1070 3003 3105 O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32 0.25~2.0 ≤1500 As per customer’s
requirements 0.08~0.25 Mill Finish,bright finish, anodized, color coated
(Base material) Thickness Embossing
depth Width Length Diagonal
0.25-0.50 0-0.05 +/-0.01 +/-0.5 +/-1.0 +/-1.5
>0.50-2.0 0-0.10 +/-0.02 +/-1.0 +/-1.5 +/-2
Remark: We can produce as per customers’special requirements
Chemical Composition

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Mechanical Performance

orange peel aluminum sheet‘s mechanical performance in room temperature should accord with GB/T8544-1997
Appearance Clear Texture, Smooth edges no burrs. There can’t be defects such as split, erosion and holes on the surface which effect using.
Application Instruction

orange peel aluminum sheet are usually used in refrigerators, air conditioners and refrigeration equipment, and pipe insulation, the products have good thermal conductivity, heat dissipation due to the special nature of the pattern. Such mateirals are widely used in the fields of refregerator, wine cabinet, solar panel, decorative aluminium product, linghting fixture, lighting box, sanitizer, kitchen cabinet and central air conditioning system.At present, in the refrigeration industry, the 3003 series of rust-proof aluminum coil are widely used; In pipe insulation and packaging 1000 series are widely used.


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